My Custom and Kitbashed figures
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A lot of things inspire me to do my own customs and kitbashes.  Sometimes it's just a piece of equipment, clothing or a weapon that makes me want to do my own special figure.  Sometimes it's a headsculpt that one of the toy companies makes that either represents somebody or bears a huge likeness to a famous person or actor. 
Whatever it is, I must admit I owe a HUGE thanks to many people who make my customs possible.  Some are immensly talented artists.  Some send me invaluable material or suggestions.  Whatever they do I owe them alot and their work is represented here just as much as my own. 
Just to mention a few:
Jeff Finney.  Caster, painter of incredible talent
Johnny Ferguson, sculptor and artist
Philip Garcia, painter, computer graphic artist
James DeSimone, who became more than a face, a trusted friend
Cortney Able and Fred Sandoval, who supported, inspired and encouraged me
Frank Hawkins, his enthusiasm was boundless
Dennis Widner, The Toysurgeon, an amazing resin caster
Greg Barker, another caster who answered my call for help
Eric Rodriguez of Red Planet Toys, sells amazing headsculpts
Randy Hill, creates 1/6 scale miniatures that are incredible
Bill Dora, his custom jeep parts are inspirational
Ransome Chua, for including me in his photostory projects
Teddy Terstegge, for inspiring me and creating Flash Force
John Kozin, my fez wearing compadre
Mardon Callanta, whose 1/6 scale vehicles inspired me
Tony Tillman, just because he's good people
Greg Brown, again good people
Brian Vota, don't know him personally, but his customs inspire
There are so, so many more who did trades, offered suggestions, contributed to my website, email me, etc, etc.  This is a great hobby.


Clark Gable enlisted in the Army Air Corps during World War 2 and mainly did training and morale films for the Army.  He did manage to get in some flight time on a bomber mission but the Army did not want him to on the front lines.  Gable managed to smuggle himself onboard a flight without the knowledge of his superiors.
The problem was Gable was already world famous as a movie actor.  Hitler himself admired Gable's work.  It would have been a huge propaganda victory if the Germans would have been able to shoot Gable down on a mission over Europe. 

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