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Research and GI Joe Links

On this page I'll include links to other sites that have to do with my activity. If you notice any broken links, let me know (
Any links you find here are purely for entertainment, research or for furthering the enjoyment of model building and collecting 1/6 scale action figures. I in no way, condone the Nazi Party or any of the ideologies that led to and fueled the second world war or for that matter any other war before or since.


Tanks! A good site to identify pre-1946 tanks

Army Radio Sales Co., has an enormous amount of information and pictures of vintage radio equipment

Wireless for the Warrior, a good website for British radio sets

LRDG Home, Long Range Desert Group

Lone Sentry, Photos, Articles, and Research on the European Theater in World War II

Virginia Fights WW2, a terrific image archive of WW2 photos

Tarawa on the Web, A good site for pictures and stories

U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, a must see comprehensive history

The Rifle Sling Home Page

Combat Medics and Equipment

Vintage Parachutes, manufactures and sells WWII style US Parachutes. Has a wealth of information and pictures on parachutes of WWII

The History of Paratrooper Dummies

Mundury 1939-1945, not in English, but a terrific pictorial of WWII Uniforms

Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun Serial Numbers and Manufacture Dates

Excellent website about the FM-24-29 French Light Machine Gun, a really good site with pictures of WWI and WWII explosive ordinance

World War II Vehicles

Tanks of World War II

Chars Et Blindes Francais, A very impressive website on French Tanks, WWII Vehicles

Military Vehicle walk arounds

Brian's Military Jeeps

A historical timeline of WWII Jeep bodies and features

Webpage on the 251 Hanomag half track


Battle Gear Toys. 1/6 scale custom parts by Auggie Romero, some of the best in the business

The 1/6th Combat Engineers, great links to other projects and tips.

One Sixth Depot an excellent 1/6th parts website

Easy Company a 1/6th customizers site

Ops Toys

Toy Soldiers of San Diego


California Historical Group

CHG reenactment unit forum for the 9th ID, Easy Co.

WWII Impressions, a US militaria reproduction site

What Price Glory, a US/British reproduction militaria site

AEF Supply, WWI reproduction uniforms and equipment

AIF Quartermasters, WWI Commonwealth reproductions

Schipperfabrik! WWI reproductions all nations

Stewart's Military Antiques, another good reproduction website

IMA - International Military Antiques


World War Two Ration Technologies, a website about US Rations

World War II Research & Reenacting

Italian Reproduction Militaria

J. Murray, Inc. restoration services and supplies to work on US M1 helmets

Prairie Flower Leather Co.

U.S. Horse Cavalry, 1941

Re-enactor Grenades


Otto Willnauer, A German Soldiers Photo Diary

Genjirou Inui, A Japanese soldiers diary at Guadacanal.

Website on the 100th Battalion, 442 Regimental Combat Team

Ronald Arthur Tee, a British Soldiers stories

An Interview With Thomas Herring, a veteran of the 5th Ranger Battalion

Debriefing report of the Normandy D-Day Para Invasions


Recovering a German T-34, this page is not in english, but the pictures speak for themselves!

The Hetzer Rebuild, restoring a Hetzer tank

Restoration of a Japanese Te-ke Type 97

GyG's Old Corps Legends, Myths, Etc. A compelling history about Marines in the ETO

A 1/4 scale PT-103!

Building a vacumn forming machine

A How-To on Vacumn Forming