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Welcome to my hobby site!  Dedicated to the enjoyment of GI Joe and Action Figures in general.

Hello!     Welcome to ACTION FIGURES AT WAR. This site is intended to be a companion site to my CAPISTRANO ISLAND COMMAND website. When it comes to action figures my main interest is with World War II as my father was a Nisei infantryman with the 442nd RCT/100th Battalion in Europe. So anything I do outside of Capistrano Island Command will show up here, whether it's Military, Adventure or just plain creating something.
This is without a doubt the best hobby I have ever been involved with.  What makes it so good is the people and fellow collectors.  The encouragement, friendship and karma resulting from downright trust.  These are qualities that abound here and are rare in other hobbies I have been in.  I would like to thank all the people who have extended their karma and inspiration to me but I'd have to start another webpage to fit all the names.  So, I'll just have to say, "YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE" and a big, "THANK YOU".  Hopefully the contents of this website will encourage and inspire somebody else.
What had started as a website to promote my own work, has turned into a showcase with the efforts of dozens of people.  Outstanding work by many very talented people and many new friends.

Click on the text below to visit my Flash Force Command at Capistrano Island.

Capistrano Island Command


Tim Kano (aka "kanowarrior") at his best!

Weekend of Heroes Convention 2006

Click on picture for larger image

Lee Ermey has to be one of the nicest people I have had the honor of ever meeting.  I just love this guy.  Fame has not gone to his head.

Click on picture for larger image

I had the distinct honor of meeting this gentleman.  To be honest I was a bit taken back at first when he introduced himself and ask to get my picture with him.  Richard Hanna.  Turns out he is a Civil War reenactor and also a genuine 80 year old USMC Veteran who hit the beach with the 11th wave at Okwinawa.  He was in combat for a couple months.  As brutal as the Pacific war was I was really afraid of giving this guy some very bad memories but in fact our meeting seemed to put something in place with him and helped put things right somehow.  It was very emotional and I was proud to meet him. 
Semper Fi Mr. Hanna.  Thanks for a job well done.

Normandy Joe photo courtesy of Russ Hedman

Para GI Joe jumping at Normandy

photo courtesy of Russ Hedman

Joe Masterson at home in the Sierra Mountains

Adventure Team Expeditionary Force member Joe Masterson at home in Bodie, California.

Noteworthy picture!

Click on this picture to see a larger image.  This is the only picture I've ever seen of the MP41 (cousin of the MP40 but with a wood stock) in use.

Click on picture for larger image

What do you do after you have amassed that ultimate Joe collection?  Why you play with them of course and to play you have to build a 1/6th town of your own. 
If you build it they will come!  Click on this picture to go to my friend Hutt Wigley's website and see his fantastic 1/6th town that he proudly calls, "Huttville".  Or click on the link under this picture.


Hutt's 12" Action

What's New?

Another terrific DeSimone vehicle done by Treadhead99.

Treadhead99's Tinian August 1944 LVT

Pictures of the DX2006 convention diorama

DX06 Convention SAG Diorama

Check out USMCWayne's Tarawa LVT, this one came out great!

USMCWayne's Tarawa LVT

Finished pics up of CK2's Sherman.  For a low cost project, this one came out sweet!

CK2's Sherman Tank

Bigdee's Hetzer project added today.  Still a work in progress but some great tips.  Hope to see more of this one soon.

Bigdee's Hetzer

James DeSimone is still in the business of selling 1/6th vehicles.  However, his old email address has not been active for a while.  If you had trouble contacting him try
All my webpages are updated today with is new email address.

Wolfpaw518's Hetzer is amazing.  Just added his page and it's one of the nicer JD vehicle customs I've seen in quite a while

Wolfpaw518's Hetzer

Just added Tigercruemans JD Hetzer Project page.  Another great customization

Tigercruemans JD Hetzer

MKBOYD has sent me pictures of his DeSimone Sherman Tank.  I love this one as a typical Sherman you would see in the ETO.  Check out his Sherman here:

MKBOYD's Sherman

Mark has added one more installment on is R/C Type 95 Japanese Tank

Mark's Type 95 Ha-Go Japanese Tank

Updated my links page.  I had no idea I had so many broken links and I added a new 'Re-enactors' section with lots of links

Here is a new one!  KDF, posted these pictures of his JD Opel Blitz and trailer

KDF's Opel Blitz and Trailer

See Adoda's DeSimone LVT and CK2's Sherman webpages here:

Adoda's LVT

CK2's Sherman

mikew9717's Opel Blitz Flak Truck created by Lanny Linenberger is a terrific custom combining James DeSimone's Opel Blitz and DML's 20mm flak gun.

mikew9717's Flak Opel Truck

See Tim Loeb's custom Artillery piece converted from a Power Team Artillery gun.  I'm currently using this for my Italian artillery crew I put together but this would work equally well with my Japanese forces too.

PlasticPanzer's Artillery Cannon

Check this 3/4 ton Dodge Ambulance project by Abner Spudner. A work in progress and I expect to see much more of this vehicle.

Abner Spudner's Dodge Ambulance

Dubar has been working on his Sherman and I have updated his project page!

Dubar's Sherman Project

I've done a major reorganization of my site.  Now my home page menu is greatly simplified. However, nothing has been deleted.  Explore the pages and follow the links to further topics.
Added a new webpage! 

2005 Weekend of Heroes Convention Diorama