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Capistrano Island Command

History of Capistrano Island
Sector 1 - Command HQ
Sector 2 - Cove and Boat Facilities
Sector 3 - Airbase
Sector 4 - The Barracks
Sector 5 - Fire Services
Sector 6 - Bomb Disposal/Hazmat
Sector 7 - Training Facilities
Sector 8 - Tac Med Unit
Sector 9 - Armory and Quartermaster
Building a 1/6 scale Bomb Disposal Robot
Research and GI Joe Links
My ISOC Uniform Page
Sector 4 - The Barracks


"Raptor Strike"


This is my Crisis Response Team One. The CRT team is an eight man squad that is usually the first one in. They must be ready for virtually any situation.


My Crisis Response Team Two. I just recently formed this unit and their shipment of googles came the day after this photo.


Our K-9 program is such a success we are currently considering adding another team as well as adding training facilities for other USDOC Commands to train their K-9 officers here.


Our two sniper teams are very different in make up. Our first team above has a Sniper using a scoped M1A1 and a Spotter armed with a Car-15/M203 combination.

The team below is made up of two snipers who spot for each other. Should the situation get out of hand and require stopping a vehicle or taking out an obstruction such as a cinder block wall, then our second sniper is armed with a .50 caliber Barrett rifle.


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Andrea Jean Blade, Known as "Andy" to friends and associates.

Female, age 37

> ETHNIC ORIGIN Caucasian, Born in the USA, Russian/Armenian/Arabic background.

Quiet, speaks with authority and is fluent in three languages. When she speaks, people listen. Will kick your butt if you insult her, her family or make durogatory remarks of gender.

Veteran of the 82nd Airborne and saw action in the Gulf War. Retired Army Captain.

She was assaulted by a local group of college aged kids at a party when she was a teenager and her widowed father wanted badly to do something but instead of confronting the kids he taught her self defense. Later the same kids got her alone outside of town and attempted to get physical with her. None of them will ever be able to reproduce anymore, nor will they discuss her or what happened that day. It is said that they wince at the mere mention of her name. Despite this hard upbringing, Andrea looks at life as a challenge to strive to and hardships as opportunities. Her optimism has earned the respect of many a colleage.

RCO Kanowarrior met Andy at a training class at Thunder Bay and was immediately impressed with her, although he had known her husband Sam Blade from association on a covert Flash Force Ops years before. RCO Kanowarrior contacted Andy shortly after taking command of Capistrano Island and offered her and her husband a commission. They both accepted and moved to the island with their son, Tommy. They were living in Los Angeles at the time and were glad to be offered such a lucrative position in such an exotic location.

Andrea took over direct command of my CRT Teams and can often be found at the training area working on coordinating efforts with our other services. Sam is presently commanding the Capistrano Island Fire services as Captain Blade. Their son Tommy is 6 years old and is an airplane nut. He can often be found at the Capistrano Island airport with his Dad watching the Panther and Kestral's taking off and landing. Someday Tommy wants to be a pilot.

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