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Capistrano Island Command

History of Capistrano Island
Sector 1 - Command HQ
Sector 2 - Cove and Boat Facilities
Sector 3 - Airbase
Sector 4 - The Barracks
Sector 5 - Fire Services
Sector 6 - Bomb Disposal/Hazmat
Sector 7 - Training Facilities
Sector 8 - Tac Med Unit
Sector 9 - Armory and Quartermaster
Building a 1/6 scale Bomb Disposal Robot
Research and GI Joe Links
My ISOC Uniform Page
Sector 6 - Bomb Disposal/Hazmat


Phillips shows off the Bomb Disposal Trailer our RCO had custom made for our command unit.  (Click on this picture for more details on the Bomb Disposal Trailer)

Click on picture for larger image

My Hazmat Team


Contents of the storage drawer. Also our bomb disposal robot "Robbie" and his laptop. Click on this link to see more about building your own "Robbie":

Building a 1/6 scale Bomb Disposal Robot


On the back of the Bomb Trailer is generator to power the "lifting arm". The lifting arm is used to hoist explosive ordance into the blast chamber. The laptop remotely controls Robbie, his camera and the trailers lifting arm so the bomb tech doesn't have to get to close!

Check this link to see our tribute to 9/11

World Trade Center/Pentagon Tribute

Click on the link below to see actual pictures from Afganistan!

Flash Force in Afganistan: Operation Enduring Freedom