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Capistrano Island Command

History of Capistrano Island
Sector 1 - Command HQ
Sector 2 - Cove and Boat Facilities
Sector 3 - Airbase
Sector 4 - The Barracks
Sector 5 - Fire Services
Sector 6 - Bomb Disposal/Hazmat
Sector 7 - Training Facilities
Sector 8 - Tac Med Unit
Sector 9 - Armory and Quartermaster
Building a 1/6 scale Bomb Disposal Robot
Research and GI Joe Links
My ISOC Uniform Page

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History of Capistrano Island

April 28th, 2001 that date will stick with me forever. On that date I received orders to open the red box mounted on the wall in my office. I unlocked the box and removed the contents. A brown wrapped package.

I set the package on my desk and carefully unwrapped it. Inside were memos, maps and three files marked, "Red", "Yellow" and "Green". As per my orders I briefly scanned the documents and went straight for the yellow folder. Inside were instructions:

" ****CODE YELLOW****

If you are reading this file, Sector 11 has been compromised. You are ordered to contact the local marine base on the mainland and request armor support, artillery, troops or whatever support you deem fit for this operation. As you have been directed to the yellow file, there must be an operation mounted within 24 hours to relieve whatever survivors are in Sector 11. Should your units not be able to secure Sector 11 in 72 hours, you are ordered to destroy all buildings, equipment and communications as possible and evacuate Capistrano Island. After 96 hours a full scale bombardment by the naval forces and airstrikes will commence and all forces remaining on the island will be eliminated.

Should you succeed in your operation, from this day forth, your command will be responsible for the security and operation of Sector 11 and any knowledge of it will be disavowed by your command or anyone who may come within it's boundries.

You now have one hour within opening the red box to pick up the red phone you keep locked up in your desk.

Good luck and godspeed.

Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces."

At that I dropped everything and unlocked the bottom left drawer and removed the phone I kept in it. Being a red phone it was rather ominious but I took the handset and immediately heard it ringing on the other end. After a brief moment, I heard;

"Hello Commander, I am an advisor to the President. He is sitting right here with us and I cannot stress the importance of this mission. We recieved a message that there are two survivors in Sector 11 at this time. Both are engineers that were assigned to this project and they have been barricaded within their offices for the last three days. Do not expect any support from the security forces, they have apparently been totally eliminated. I trust you will commence this operation as soon as possible. Please take enough time to digest the material in this package as it will be of utmost importance to your mission"

"At the time of the crisis, Anomaly 26F was under experimention and apparently something went terribly wrong. At this time all control was lost with Anomaly 26F and you will have to be able to expect almost anything and everything you come up against to be your opposition. This operation will require you utmost skill in tactics, strategy and improvisation. BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!"

With that the line went dead.

I had my homework laid out in front of me. I picked up my desk phone and ordered all my CRT teams and back up services to proceed to the entrance gate in Sector 11. My next call was to the Marine base Commander at Camp Pendleton and Thunder Bay to request units from other USDOC Commands. With a strike force on the way and my command on the move, I sat down to see exactly what we were up against.

The first document was a map of Sector 11. Nothing special here except I noticed there were three perimeter boundries in Sector 11. From the look of it, the first two were to keep people out but the third one seemed to be there to keep something in! This didn't look good. In the center of the third perimeter was a large cave and it was labeled "Anomaly 26F". Also labeled on the map were various supporting structures within perimeter 1 & 2. Apparently Anomaly 26F, whatever that was, was the only thing within the third perimeter. I quickly located the Research and Development center where the survivor's were suppose to be at. Also I identified Barracks, Armory, Motor Pool, Security buildings and others. This sector had a full blown base within a base! I could see this should be a joint operation with the Marines and USDOC.

The next document was titled "ANOMALY 26F" which was a quick explanation of what the Anomaly was. There were more documents, a list of world wide anomalies, a description of the world wide organization (name omitted) developed to oversee these anomalies, experiments, results, security reports, other governmental units and departments set up to oversee localized anomalies and detailed reports about Sector 11. I was surprised to see this is not the first anomaly of this type to be secured by USDOC. This wasn't something they trained us for at the academy! Homework over, I hurried off to address my command.

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Map of Sector 11, Anomaly 26F is the yellow square in the middle of the map. The lab with the two survivors is the green building.

Click on picture for larger image

Sniper Team 1 reaches Perimeter Fence 1. These warning signs were all over the first two perimeter fences. "WARNING - Beyond this perimeter the laws of the Continental United States do not apply. Anyone found within these boundries will be subject to permanent detainment or possible loss of life."

Click on picture for larger image

At the second perimeter fence, Sniper Team two sets up a Barrett rifle.

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Targets sighted by Sniper Team 2, a tiger crosses the perimeter while a VC squad moves up through the undergrowth.

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Sniper Team 1 takes out a German Soldier.

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Sniper Team 2 sets up and starts spotting targets.


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