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Capistrano Island Command

History of Capistrano Island
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Sector 3 - Airbase
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Sector 6 - Bomb Disposal/Hazmat
Sector 7 - Training Facilities
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Sector 9 - Armory and Quartermaster
Building a 1/6 scale Bomb Disposal Robot
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Sector 11 - What is Anomaly 26F?

The following information was obtained from documents taken from the Sector 11 box in my office.


FROM: *deleted*



This information is on a "need to know basis" only. As you are aware, the situation in Sector 11 has reached critical levels. At this time it has been determined you must have the information regarding the history and development of Sector 11 to accomplish your mission regarding this sector. For this you will need to know the true identity of the Anomaly located here.

During the US Civil War, a post was established on Capistrano Island and was later discovered abandoned and destroyed. What is not common knowledge is from handwritten reports from actual survivors (later denied and discredited) it has now been determined that the post was in fact overrun by some type of Velociraptor herd. Upon the destruction of the camp the herd returned thru the Anomaly.

During WWI a passing Naval fleet was about to commence on a training mission when a lookout aboard the USS Hermities noticed suspicous activity ashore. A launch was sent to investigate but as it neared the shore it was fired upon and withdrew. As the fleet was under wartime conditions, a bombardment was immediately started. After the bombardment was over a full scale military landing was undertaken and the island secured. From reports and photos taken at the time it has now been positively identifed that the island had been taken by a 1940's era Japanese Naval force who abandoned the island with heavy casualties thru the portal once the bombardment commenced. Once the island was retaken, a base was established and the portal was sealed up.

During WWII Capistrano Island was considered of strategic importance to the defence of the coastal areas in California. A naval base was established there and FDR himself started a governmental agency to oversee the portal which was renamed Anomaly 26F. The purpose of this agency was to secure Section 11, contain Anomaly 26F, establish an area separate from the naval base and then to start experiments to aid the cause of the allied forces against the axis powers. The existence of Anomaly 26F was covered up and all progress was monitored thru direct communications with the White House and the Pentagon.

There are as many as 39 known anomalies throughout the earth. Many are underwater and as such cause no threat other than the occaisional lost aircraft or vessel. Some are sealed up and inactive and the rest, like Anomaly 26F, are being monitored by an international secret agency. Under some conditions these anomalies are monitored by local agencies (like USDOC) when the need arises.

Anomaly 26F is a time portal. Usually these are only semi-active and if contained are not a serious threat. One such portal was located on Mount Vesuvius in Italy (now known as Anomaly 14I) during the time of the Roman Empire. Escaped slave Sparticus used this portal to equip and recruit his "slave" (misinformation distributed by the Italian government) army and defeat the Roman Legions. Top Secret excavations have revealed the devasting effect 21st century automatic weapons have on Roman foot soldiers. Much later the portal was sealed when Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the portal, Pompei and Herculium. Today Anomaly 14I is monitored remotely.

Today, Anomaly 26F is (or "was" as the case may be) still being experimented with. Up to now, all anomalies were uncontrolled and only worked on a partial basis. Experiments for the last three years have been trying to control this to open the portal when needed.

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In true military tradition, "Hurry up and wait!". Flash Force Reserve Unit 106 prepares for the conflict.

Sniper Team 1 spots a target a little to big to handle.


Keith Terrell, Lightening 62 sends a detachment of his Flash Force Reserve Unit 62 in to help control Sector 11.


FFRU 62 engages the enemy.



L-62's troops engage in hand to hand fighting.


Raven Force, Flash 106 reinforcements prepare to move out.



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