Opel Blitz Truck
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James DeSimone Opel Blitz Truck. 


$150.00, shipping extra outside of the continental US.  Tire sets will be also be available.
To order, email James DeSimone at:
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What are those extra parts?
This is a question I get asked alot.  Click on the picture below and I hope this answers those questions.  The towing indicator was mounted on the top of the cab and was folded up when the vehicle was towing something.

Click on picture for larger image

Reference Material for the Opel Blitz
Click on this link to access the Oldtimer's Gallery.  This is an excellent source of photo reference to various Opel Blitz models.



Product Description:
This book includes the design, testing and use of Opel cars, trucks and special vehicles of the period from 1931 to 1945. The paramilitary reliability trials, the NSKK competitions and the increasing military modifications of the Opel Blitz commercial vehicles are also shown., over 250 b/w photographs
I ordered mine on Amazon.com and paid $29.95 with free shipping.  I could have bought it used at that time for less than $22 also.  Well worth the money.

Detailing the undercarriage
While this picture is not the DeSimone Blitz, it is in fact a 1/35th scale model kit.  You can see from the detail in the picture the kind of detail that could be added to the DeSimone Opel Blitz with some creative work.

Click on picture for larger image