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Capistrano Island Command

History of Capistrano Island
Sector 1 - Command HQ
Sector 2 - Cove and Boat Facilities
Sector 3 - Airbase
Sector 4 - The Barracks
Sector 5 - Fire Services
Sector 6 - Bomb Disposal/Hazmat
Sector 7 - Training Facilities
Sector 8 - Tac Med Unit
Sector 9 - Armory and Quartermaster
Building a 1/6 scale Bomb Disposal Robot
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In shocked horror, the squad moves in to look at the lifeless remains of Ross's killer...


HARRINGTON: "GOTCHA, YOU MUTHA!! Payback's a b###h, ain't it!"
CRICHTON: "What in God's name is it? And look at it's blood! It's eatin' into the g####m ground, like... acid!"
Knowing that they have to report this to Capistrano Island Command right away, Stenhouse hurriedly barks orders.


STENHOUSE: "Whatever the hell it is, we've got to pull back NOW!! Harrington! Police up Harry's body! Crichton! Sutton! You got the rear guard. LET'S GO!"


Moving as quickly as they can, the squad gathers up the body of their fallen comrade and start off back towards base to report their horrific findings.

HARRINGTON: "I've got you partner. An I swear to God, if there's any more of those b#####ds out there, I'll make them pay!"
DOYLE: "I'm with ya, Clay!"
STENHOUSE: "Easy people, let's just get back. For all we know, this place could be swarming with those things."
SUTTON: "Amen to that!"

As the squad is swallowed up once more by the jungle, a second of the eyeless monstrosities lurks in the undergrowth above them, then slowly creeps down and follows... a silent, deadly hunter...






Following a rather cryptic report requesting assistance from Commander Kano (196th USDOC Reserve), the communications Supervisor at USDOC Mission Control immediately alerted the Watch Supervisor. Uncertain of the
risks our units would soon face and recognizing that the incident could develop into a virtual nightmare, Brigade Headquarters immediately upgraded the USDOC Alert Status to DEPCON ORANGE.

The Intelligence Division quickly alerted the nation's top experts in the fields of electronics, physics, astronomy, space travel and many other areas, providing them with what little information there was available and requesting their immediate response. Within hours, a hand-picked cadre of
the most knowlegable minds was on its way to Thunder Bay.

In the days and weeks which followed, the group studied the situation carefully. It was decided that to determine the true nature of the anomally, a team would need to study it firsthand. Historians on the team soon discovered that there had been reports of a "glistening pool" device,
which had apparently been housed in a long-abandoned military facility in Nevada. After some extensive research and exploration, a frame-like structure was unearthed in a subterranean vault. They were surprised to find that the area contained in the structure appeared to shimmer slightly, almost as if it were a liquid mirror.

A team of several scientists volunteered to study the anomally and a full CRT was assigned to provide protection for the expedition. Training began immediately and the team finally deployed on the eve of 28 June, 2001.

Upon their arrival, the CRT was split into two squads of eight. First Squad secured the perimeter of the building and Second Squad approached the anomally with the scientific team. The team set up a battery of diagnostic
instruments, including cameras, audio recording instruments and spectrum analysis systems. At approximately 2359 hours, one of the scientists, Scott Taylor, approached the anomally to place a microphone. As he did so, he accidentally allowed his shirtsleeve to brush the surface of the shimmering field. With a horrid sucking sound, he disappeared into the field as if it were the vortex of some insatiable whirlpool.

Second Squad Leader Ben Simmons immediately reported the development and asked for four volunteers to attempt Taylor's rescue. Four men quickly stepped forward to assist--Webster Johnson (Team Leader), Jim Anderson, Adam
Wilber and Tim Jacobs. The donned gas masks, fixed their equipment and disappeared into the portal as a unit.

Several minutes after the volunteers entered the field, the Simmons received a garbled radio message from Johnson. Johnson's voice was high-pitched and breaking as his words rushed through the speaker in the Simmons' earpiece.

"Bravo Six...Bravo Six!"


"We're really in it! They're all (crackle) over us! We need an assist, NOW! We...


The transmission abruptly ended.

Before the Simmons could prevent them from doing so, two of the remaining team members (Dan March and Alan Greenfield), dove into the field with weapons ready.




A. GREENFIELD: "As soon as we hit the field, I felt incredible cold. I could see my rifle and my hands shimmering as if they were made out of water, and I couldn't feel them very well. I suddenly felt very dizzy
too. When we stepped through on the other side though, everything seemed normal--except it was still very cold. We found ourselves in a dark, large room, almost like a warehouse. There were large boxes all around and I
could hear a great volume of small arms fire coming from our right. I heard the other members of our first team shouting and there were strange voices replying in a strange language. It sounded to me like German."

D. MARCH: "Once we were able to gather our senses and realize we were still in one piece, Alan (Greenfield) and I moved carefully in the direction of the firefight. We contacted Johnson by radio and communication at this
point was crystal clear. Johnson reported that they were under heavy attack from a group of German soldiers at a position approximately 20 yards northeast of the vortex. I had him repeat what he said, because at first I wasn't sure I understood him correctly. We found his team within

When we arrived, there was no doubt in my mind that Johnson had all his faculties about him. There were actually men wearing German uniforms which appeared to be of World War II vintage. They were scattered across the room behind large crates and all of them were firing at us with weapons from that era."

W. JOHNSON: "Man, I can't tell you how good it felt to have more back up with us. Until Greenfield and March arrived, I thought we were gonna be history! I had one man down with a leg wound and one other nearly out of ammunition. But I guess I should start at the beginning."

"When we first went through the field after Dr. Taylor, we almost immediately observed a group of approximately fifteen men gathered around the center of what appeared to be a large, dark warehouse. We were all surpised to find that they were wearing what looked like German uniforms
from World War II."

"Two of the 'Germans' had Taylor by the arms and were treating him roughly. They were shouting questions at him, but he doesn't speak German, so he didn't understand and couldn't reply. We didn't even have time to really
react, for one of the Germans saw us as soon as we came through. He just raised a pistol and started shooting. Dr. Taylor pulled away from the soldiers and dove for cover behind a crate near us. The Germans retreated further into the room. As soon as they found cover, they started
firing indiscriminately at us. We managed to take down a few with grenades, but the volume of fire was incredible. Anderson went down almost immediately and Jacobs began to run low on ammunition soon after. We were definitely on
the losing end of things."

"It was when Greenfield and March found us that the tide of battle finally began to turn. They were able to approach on the German's flank and provided us cover fire while we evacuated back to the vortex. We didn't know if the thing would work in reverse or if we could even get out, but we
had to try."

S. TAYLOR: "Well, as I was setting up the microphone, I must have gotten a bit to close to the frame. When my sleeve brushed the field, I suddenly became quite light-headed and lost my balance. I fell through the frame and
landed on a cold concrete floor. I was amazed to find myself surrounded by a number of German soldiers and a couple of men who appeared to be scientists. I came to that conclusion because they had some instruments and
were writing in notebooks as I came through. It occurred to me that this group must have been studying the frame, much as we had been doing, only from the opposite side of it. I didn't have much time to think, because two of the soldiers grabbed me and began screaming questions at me. I was roughly searched, then the whole group moved quickly away from the frame and closer to the center of the warehouse."

"I couldn't understand their questions, but I gathered from the tone of their voices and their body language that they were quite frightened. I'd imagine I would be too, if I were in their position. Anyway, fortunately for me, Corporal Johnson and his team came through at that moment to rescue me. They and the Germans engaged in an heavy exchange of gunfire and I managed to escape the soldiers."

"Johnson, the team and I crawled back to the frame and from all appearances, it appeared that it was becoming unstable. The entire image started to wobble. Everything--including the wall that the frame was in, the frame itself and the field was shimmering. When I fell through before, the field itself was the only thing that appeared to shimmer. For some reason, the entire device seemed to be deterioriating. We had no idea whether or not we could go back through or what would happen to us if we tried, but we
didn't think our chances were any better going on."

"Johnson and the CRT members threw several grenades toward the Germans and we ran for the field as fast as we could."

SGT. SIMMONS: "(expletive deleted), you can't possibly imagine how relieved I was when Taylor and most of the first team came back through that (expletive deleted) thing! All four fell through the whirlpool and onto the
floor as if their hair was on fire! I could hear echoing explosions and noticed that the whole structure seemed to begin fading. The frame, the wall around it and the whirlpool would start to move strangely as if it was made from a sheet of some kind of weird liquid. I was really starting to worry when March and Greenfield came through, followed last by Webster. Almost as soon as Webster came back on our side, the whole structure gave one last big ripple and then it disappeared completely. Another
second or two and I don't think he would have made it back."

"When the anomally faded away, there was nothing there except a solid concrete wall. In the days since it disappeared, they have torn down the wall and discovered nothing at all behind it except sandstone and hard-packed adobe. The earth there hasn't been touched in decades. I
have no explanation at all for this thing...I guess I'll leave that to brighter minds than mine. All I know is, it scared the hell outta me!"

S. TAYLOR: "The weird thing about this situation is that the entire sequence of events took a good 10 minutes to play out. It seemed like much longer, but I'm a pretty good judge of time. When we pulled the tapes from the recording instruments however, it showed that just over a minute had passed. How all that could have happened in such a short period of time is beyond me. It's physically impossible as far as I know. Our instruments were checked and re-checked--they were (and are) functioning perfectly.
All I know is, we got a lot of data from this and we're continuing to study it. It'll probably be years before we can find out what really happened. Right now I haven't a clue!"




George Campbell's FFRU 156 TacMed teams arrived and after being briefed headed out into the field.

It didn't take long to find their first customer. FFRU 156 TacMed team sprang into action.


The TacMeds work quickly. Assessing the damage and responding with rapid treatment.


"This man has a chest wound!"


Finishing the assessment, the TacMeds prepare the casualty for transport.


A final pulse check and the wounded soldier is ready for evac.


Thanks to the quick work of the TacMed Team, this man will live to see another day. In the distance, a faint call... "MEDIC!!!..."


Commander John Kozin, Flash 107, has sent a three man team to penetrate the area as far as they can and take photographic evidence if at all possible.

This was purely an intel mission.

Lt. John Gannon is in charge of this operation. Sgt. Iwan Kozin, and visiting Spec. James Caldwell made up the other two thirds of the team.

Major Gunther Steadler piloted one of the KMP AH-6 Little Birds into the area to insert the team. Mjr Steadler was instructed to remain on station to recover the team when necessary.

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The following are sample pics from Kozin's report






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