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Marder III

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Marder III - Sunny Smile Tank Conversion

When the Sunny Smile tank was sold at Target around 1998-99 for $30.00, it was one of the first mass produced 1/6 tanks since the Vintage years. Unfortunately, it doesn't really resemble any existing real tank in scale or design. Just under two feet in length, it was begging for customizing. Only the smallest tanks and tankettes are best for this but even then it's a bit of a stretch.

Our Arnhem Diorama
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Put together with Fredrick and Ilya

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The Germans used early german tank chassis to build this and also used many different captured tank hulls of various sizes for the Marder III.

I built this one in two days for a diorama done with Fredrick and Ilya during the 21st Century Convention in 2000. I wanted something German to contribute and the theme was "A Bridge Too Far". I only had two days to work on it and I was very surprised at the result.

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Marder III Interior View

Having only two days to work on this project, I didn't have time to do a proper interior and the breech was hastily thrown together. However, there is plenty of space for two crewmen.

Modeling tip - blow molded plastic is tough to glue stuff to. I use Styrene plastic sheets for my model building and to glue the panels and parts to the Sunny Smile plastic I used generous helpings of clear Silicone glue. The same stuff you can buy at Hardware, Grocery stores, hobby shops, Home Centers, etc. It's the stuff you can use to waterproof windows or bathtubs.

Modeling tip - When doing vehicles or choppers, make a triangular shape of masking tape tosimulate the windshield wiper area, mask it off with the masking tape, then apply dullcoat over the windshield, add a splosh of dirt brown here andthere, then remove the masking tape,, looks just like the wipers have keptthat area clean, and the windshield is covered over with dirt and grime.

Thanks to Larry W. Espey for this tip